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Robin Vogel

My daughter, Laci, has been a student at Forte Music Studios for years, first with Dave Mitten for guitar lessons and now with Dani Hummel-Sass for voice lessons. They are absolutely wonderful people! They are very professional and talented individuals that make learning into something new, fun and exciting at each lesson. And Jody Strong, Forte Music Studios Director, is great for guidance and encouragement. I love the person my daughter is being molded into at this school. I can't get over the hidden talent! Thank you Forte!!!

Robin Vogel / Parent
Destiny Mercado Smothers

My son has been learning to play piano with Jody for almost a year now and I have nothing but nice words to say about her! My son is a very shy little guy but he opened up to her within the 3rd practice! She always has such a positive attitude and always has a huge smile on her face! She puts such great effort into her students and gets to know each of them and their families! If you are looking to put yourself or your child into piano lessons or guitar lessons Forte Music Studio's is the place to go!

Destiny Mercado Smothers / Parent
Leslie A Halbisen

My daughter takes piano lessons from the studio and absolutely loves it. They show patience and have a positive attitude in the teaching style which makes it enjoyable for my daughter and makes her want to practice and get better. She has excelled at playing the piano which has only come from her lessons at Forte music studio

Leslie A Halbisen / Parent
Rebecca Ware

My daughter joined forte music in hopes to build her confidence in her playing her snare drum and helping her when she is solo playing. She is great as a group to her percussion session of her high school band but she needed to be able to build things better on her own & know that she is good. She loves her instructor. She goes home and practices more and understands more things. She loves forte music and making the choice to sign up for lessons! She is in 11th grade and I am happy to say I am so happy I signed her up for lessons to build up her confidence and her playing is getting better!!

Rebecca Ware / Parent
Katey Sayre-Jakcsy

Both my older daughters and I take lessons at Forte. Its a great place to learn for a great price. The teachers are super friendly and knowledgeable. The building is extremely cool and full of history. Watch the elevator...it is touchy! My younger daughter is gaining a lot of confidence due to piano 🙂

Katey Sayre-Jakcsy / Parent/Student
Sam Quillen

My whole life I have dreamed of taking voice lessons but thought I wasn't good enough. But when they offered a free trial lesson this past fall I went and gave it a shot. It was so enjoyable that I was hooked. So far I am very happy with my experience and would recommend it to anyone especially getting older and still dreaming. Very affordable and great folks to work with! My brother-in-law David Mitten teaches guitar there and they have an awesome voice by the name of Dani. She makes learning fun.

Sam Quillen / Student


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